3 things your digital marketing strategy needs


While new businesses and SMEs will be given huge amounts of advice, often contradictory, about how best to conceptualise and subsequently implement their digital marketing plans, there is a significant chance of something going wrong if there is not a comprehensive strategy in place. Like all other aspects of business, digital marketing needs careful planning and consideration, and our experts at Melius Media Group are here to help!

What should your digital marketing strategy include?

  1. Timelines
    All digital marketing strategies should include a timeline, not only of how long it will take to implement the strategy, but also other factors including the when to review strategy, when new features will be included, and the time you expect results to be seen by. As long as your strategy has a fixed timeline, everyone is able to work together and get things done by the deadline.

  2. Performance measures
    Your strategy should also include a series of metrics which will be used to judge whether or not your digital marketing campaign has been successful or not. It is important to base this on reliable data, which should include things like the amount of money spent on the campaign, the success of past campaigns, and the success of competitors’ strategies. You can’t assess how successful your strategy has been without something to compare your new figures against!

  3. Contingency plans
    Not all digital marketing strategies are going to be successful, and it is important to incorporate contingency plans into your strategy should problems arise. If you have a solid plan-B already devised, then you can ensure that your company doesn’t waste any time when switching between strategies, helping to minimise the effects of marketing that has not quite hit the mark.

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