How quality copy can transform your marketing


With the majority of consumers now being targeted online, the single best way to entice them is through high-quality copy. Customers are no longer spotting something they like on the street, walking in through your door, and being greeted face to face by sales staff. The door to your services in the online world is purely through content and digital marketing, and the words you use within that is what will entice your audience to your site and beyond.

Consider how your service benefits the customer

If you’re looking to strengthen your copy, a rule of thumb to swear by is the ‘so what?’ question. Subconsciously, when we read a piece of content online we’re always asking ourselves, ‘what’s in it for me?’. When you’re drafting blog posts, social media posts or any piece of digital content designed to reach your target audience, ask yourself the question ‘how does this answer my customer’s want or need?’. This will engage their attention on a much deeper level and make them more likely to answer the call to action.

The way you write is also very important

Use active words and power verbs full of meaning rather than dull, over-used descriptors. Creating a clear picture in your readers’ minds will encourage them to picture themselves using your product or service – like it was made just for them. This doesn’t mean you should write complicated chunks of text, quite the opposite. Using clear, concise language ensures that your core message and branding isn’t lost in a load of waffle.

Words may seem like a small thing but they are an incredibly powerful tool. Overall, investing in good copywriting is key for effective marketing that really speaks to your target customers. Find out more about how Melius Media Group can help you achieve this by contacting us today!