The power of Instagram as a marketing tool

Marketing, Social media

Instagram has soared in popularity to overtake Twitter and many other social platforms. It is now second only to Facebook in terms of popularity, and has been shown to excel with brand engagement. The platform has about 300 million daily users, with almost 100 million photos being posted every day – an astonishing 215,000 per minute.

A level playing field

One of the best features of Instagram’s feed is that it is presented to audiences unfiltered. This means that everyone who views a hashtag conversation will be presented with all posts containing that hashtag. Facebook’s algorithms severely limit the exposure of posts from business pages unless you pay for it. Furthermore, on Instagram you can interact directly with other accounts, enabling you to build relationships with users and industry influencers related to your products/services.

So Instagram content has the potential to reach a lot more people.

But many businesses struggle to utilise Instagram due to its nature as a visual communication tool. But with the help of someone that understands the platform and has a knack for photos and videos, you can really take advantage of the power of Instagram.

Planning for success

Businesses need to have a good strategy for how they plan to leverage the platform. What are the objectives of your account? Are you trying to market products? Perhaps you want to inform potential customers about your services? Or boost your brand’s personality? Be specific about your objectives.

The frequency of your posts needs to be considered, as well as what sort of content will fit your objectives, and how it should be created. There is also the option of paid advertising, which needs to be weighed up against organic growth to identify the best approach.

Expert help

There is much to consider when thinking about creating an Instagram presence for your brand. With the help of a digital marketing agency, your IG strategy can be prepared in a focused, cost-effective way by experienced professionals. Melius Media Group does exactly that, and we’d love to help you find your feet in the Instagram market, so give us a call today and we’ll have a chat about your needs.